Rittenhouse Acupuncture

Initial Visit

Initial Visit and Treatment

In the First Visit, a Health History Questionnaire is filled out. This includes past illnesses and symptoms as well as current. That questionnaire is gone over verbally in finer detail and other cues, such as emotional reaction to stress are asked about. The Tongue and Pulse are also examined which is an important part of diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. Possible recommendations of Vitamins, Herbs, Supplements, Diet or Lifestyle can be given. After that, an explanation of how Acupuncture works and the wide variety of benefits it can offer, including feeling more emotionally balanced is discussed. A treatment follows.

What is important is how a person directly experienced their symptoms such as what weather makes the problem worse or better, does movement help or hurt the symptom, does stress play a factor, what times during the day are the symptoms worse or better. Chinese Medicine's Strength lies in the individualization of symptoms.

The initial visit and treatment usually takes about an hour and a half. Follow up treatments can take up to an hour but usually 45 minutes is sufficient.

What Acupuncture Treats

The diversity and breadth of conditions that Acupuncture can treat is vast. Many people think of Acupuncture as only used for pain or smoking cessation. In actuality, Acupuncture can help in many different ways.

What You Can Expect

Results can often be seen with one treatment but three or more treatments are advised to determine the effectiveness. Any changes within 1 to 3 days after a treatment can be directly attributed to Acupuncture provided there have been no other types of treatment.

Lydia H.


“Professional yet Warm, Welcoming and Trustworthy”


I had to break my 2 year hiatus with writing Yelp reviews to come back and give Chris Hudson and Rittenhouse Acupuncture 5 stars. I wasn't sure what to expect with my first Acupuncture experience, but Chris takes all of the nerves out of the process...


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“ Acupuncture with Professionalism and Thoughtfulness.”


I met Christopher Hudson about a year and a half ago after moving back from Europe, where I had lived for the past ten years. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was about six years old...


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Google Reviews

“As a Doctor, I highly recommend Chris as an Acupuncturist.”


I suffered a long hospitalization/ICU stay, and developed a peripheral neuropathy from my illness -- I went to Chris to try to help heal it. I wasn't sure if acupuncture was going to work for me, but I was willing to try it since my sister-in-law really liked it, and because I figured that it couldn't hurt.


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